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RSUP Dr. Sardjito Launch Medical Health Tourism

Yogyakarta Special Region which is one of the leading tourist destinations in Indonesia has a world-wide tourist attraction even become one of the world’s wonders recognized by the United Nations. The tourist object is Keraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat which is a historical tour in the city of Yogyakarta, Borobudur Temple which is a cultural tourism and Prambanan Temple which is a Hindu Temple. Some natural attractions such as beaches, mountains are also found in Yogyakarta and its surroundings are easily accessible by the tourists.

RSUP Dr. Sardjito has been designated a National Referral Hospital in the southern part of Yogyakarta and Central Java and has several excellent services offered to tourists visiting Yogyakarta to use it. The number of experts possessed by Dr. Sardjito makes the perfect health tourism service available to customers with the best service quality. Besides, there are some international flights connecting Yogyakarta with other city and country.

As a national referral hospital, RSUP Dr. Sardjito have some Medical  Services which now have been developed into Medical Health Tourism program. First, there is an infertility clinic “Permata Hati” which nationally, the success rate of In Vitro Fertilization  (IVF)  program is quite high (entering the top 5 for the hospital as a whole as the 2nd place for the government hospital). In addition, Dr. Sardjito was the first hospital in Indonesia to successfully perform a baby IV program in the 90s.

In addition to all types of services are carried out independently by human resources with productive age, as for the excellence of Health Tourism services is guaranteed the availability of expert doctors as well as medic and non-medical personnel. Latest equipment upgrading enables the improvement of the quality of these services as well as the experience that can be of value in communication with potential customers. Health Services RSUP Dr. Sardjito is done with one stop service and travel arrangement service from departure, airport pickup as well as visit to selected tourism object and conducted by trusted travel agency.

Registration of Infertility Clinic “Permata Hati” located in Gedung Bedah Sentral Terpadu RSUP Dr. Sardjito is opened every Monday – Friday from 07.30 – 13.00 WIB. For more information please contact Infertility Clinic “Permata Hati” RSUP Dr. Sardjito via phone number +62 274 518684 or CP Retno wahyuningtyas +62 81804155137.

 In addition to developing Health Tourism services for infertility services, Dr. Sardjito also provides Skin Center Clinic service that provides problem solving for skin health. As for some types of services at Skin Center Clinic on offer include Heat Energy Laser (LHE) to deal with various skin disorders; Radio Frequency Cell Activator and Recuperator (CAR) for skin rejuvenation; Laser Diode for treating skin vascular disorders; Laser Nd Yag (1064 / 532nm) for handling pigmentation abnormalities; Fractional CO2 laser (10,600 nm) for handling benign skin tumors and skin rejuvenation; Dermaroler for skin rejuvenation; Electric surgery for handling benign skin tumors; Chemical peels for the removal of skin with chemicals in cases of skin hyperpigmentation, scarring / acne scars scars; Iontoforesis to improve the absorption of drugs / ingredients applied on the skin; PRP therapy (platelet Rich Plasma) and PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) are useful for skin rejuvenation therapy, atrophy scar, stretch marks, alopecia, chronic wounds; Subcision skin reconstruction on atrophy scars of chicken pox / acne; Filler to improve skin texture, skin tightness due to aging; Botoks for fixing dynamic wrinkles on the skin; Mesotherapy for skin tightening / rejuvenation, and blackhead extraction. All services are treated by medical experts.  Registration of Skin Care Clinic located in Gedung Instalasi Rawat Jalan Lantai III Dr. Sardjito is served every Monday – Friday from 07.30 – 13.00 WIB. For registration for all services in Dr. Sardjito can be done online through website www.sardjito.co.id/pendaftaran

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